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The Economic Geography Of The Tourist Industry

RRP $244.99

"The Economic Geography of the Tourist Industry" examines whether tourism can be defined as an industry. Bridging the gap between tourism research and economic geography, the authors by bring together leading academics in geography, planning and tourism, to explain tourism's definitions. Providing detailed analyses of key sectors, such as tour operators, airlines and the hotel industry from a broad international perspective, and backed by a broad range of international studies, the book also explores issues such as business cycles, labor dynamics, entrepreneurship and the role of the state in tourism and concludes that the production of tourism-related services has characteristics commonly associated with "harder" production sectors, such manufacturing and producer services.

Color New York City - Volume 1 - Wandering Tourist

RRP $16.99

Color New York City! The greatest city in the world. Tall buildings, taxis & people. Lots of People! Artist CJ Hughes takes you on a whimsical journey through the streets of Manhattan in the first NYC coloring book of the on-going series COLOR NEW YORK CITY. In volume one, WANDERING TOURIST, you will explore popular New York tourist attractions from Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge. Visit the MORE ABOUT THE AUTHOR page below to view a video flip through of ALL THE PAGES in this title! Each illustration has been diligently freehand illustrated from the artist's own photographs of New York, New York. Adults will appreciate the detail while children are sure to recognize the Big Apple's most popular landmarks in this delightful NYC coloring book for all ages. Break out your crayons, colored pencils or even your gel pens, all artwork is single sided to help prevent bleeding and to allow for removal and framing of your completed masterpiece. 30 uniquely New York illustrations for you to color! Popular NYC attractions featured in Color New York City include:

  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Central Park
  • The Brooklyn Bridge
  • The Chrysler Building (alcove)
  • Pigeons
  • Pizza
  • Times Square
  • Washington Square
  • The Statue of Liberty (torch)
  • ] Many other images uniquely New York!

A Tourist, He Thought

RRP $20.99

The tourist does not have a name. He does not have luggage. He does not have conversations, at least when he can help it. If anyone asks, he has a whole range of explanations about why he is travelling alone, ranging from the mundane to the macabre.
No one ever asks.
Which is good because wherever the tourist shows up, people die. Then he moves on.
Another man - a world-renowned secret agent, perhaps - would enjoy this lifestyle. The tourist hates it. Roaming a world of famous cities barely noticed, forever stuck in the underbelly of all those exotic locations, the tourist feels so bad it is funny.
Slowly revealing the conflicts and forces which shaped this cipher of a man, this is a story about loneliness and what it does to people, a story about what makes people want to die and what makes them want to live.


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